You know that person who says, “My boat is always having problems”? It’s very likely that they only remember the electrical system when something burns out, and this creates a snowball effect on the boat’s operation.

But let’s go, raise your hand if you do a complete electrical system check every year? We do engine maintenance, change upholstery when it looks bad, polish the hull, but few people remember what makes everything on the boat connect; the electrical system.

The secret: Annual maintenance and NEVER delay replacing something that has burned out or is showing signs of malfunction, like a switch with poor contact, low battery, burning light, etc. And remember, the electrical system is not “fixed,” it is REPLACED! Moreover, if there are “two” of something on the boat, replace both because if one has a problem, the other is the same age and will soon have issues too.

Long Run System: On the MURANO 50, the electrical harnesses are built outside the boat on a full-size panel, connected to a model of the vessel. In the production of the harnesses, we apply the “long run” system, meaning if a cable needs to be, for example, 50 feet long, it will come out whole from a new roll and NEVER have splices along its length. Once ready and tested on the panel, the harness is installed on the boat with all the planned connections, including speakers and provisions for accessories that may be installed later.

Safety Tip: We won’t even get into the topic of fire and explosion risk because everyone here knows their legal responsibility for the vessel and the lives of everyone on board. So, always keep the electrical system maintenance up to date and sail safely and peacefully.

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