Trim tabs, also known as flaps, are essential devices for optimizing the performance and stability of the boat. They allow fine adjustments to the boat’s attitude, improving fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety.

The secret: In rough seas, LOWER the trim tabs. When lowered, the trim tabs transfer the boat’s weight forward, causing the bow to “grab” and not slam into the water. As the sea conditions improve, you can raise the trim tabs until just before the bow starts to bounce again; this is the limit.

Automatic Trim Tab System: Starting in 2024, the MURANO 50 is equipped with an automatic trim tab system. This system does almost everything by itself, keeping the boat perfectly aligned horizontally. The most interesting part is that when you make a turn and the boat tilts, the system “talks” to the steering wheel, understands that this tilt is intentional, and does not engage the trim tab to correct it. When you return to straight-line navigation, the system resumes automatic operation. Cool, right?

Departing: When departing, start with the trim tabs fully raised. This ensures that the boat has the least resistance possible when starting navigation.

Planing: To help the boat plane quickly, gradually lower the trim tabs. This will lift the stern and lower the bow, reducing drag and allowing the boat to reach planing speed more quickly. Once on plane, adjust the trim tabs to maintain the desired attitude.

Correcting Lateral Tilt: If the boat is, for example, leaning to port (left), lower the trim tab on the same side or raise the opposite side with light touches on the control until the boat is level.

Fine Adjustment at Cruising Speed: At cruising speed, use the trim tabs to optimize the boat’s attitude. Lower the trim tabs just enough to keep the bow low and not slamming, but avoid lowering them too much, which increases drag, fuel consumption, and reduces speed.

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